How to make a realistic looking receipt

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How to make a realistic looking receipt

Here is the challenge: You need a realistic looking receipt for submitting your expense report. It cannot look like you used an online receipt maker. It needs to look PRO! It needs to look exactly like a receipt you were handed at a store or restaurant.

Characteristics of a real receipt

A real receipt has certain characteristics that make the recipient immediately authenticate the receipt as “real” and not fake. These characteristics are visual, tactile and even olfactory.

  1. Real receipt paper (thermal) is thinner than ordinary paper
  2. Real Receipts usually are 52mm or 80mm in size. These are standard thermal printer sizes.
  3. Real Receipts have imperfections from the thermal printing process and from the environment.
  4. Real Receipts have top and bottom edges that are not smooth. They are cut from a roll of thermal paper using a jagged-edge paper cutter.

Making a synthetic receipt look realistic

There are a few techniques that can be used to make your printed receipts look more realistic.

  1. Use a thermal printer to print your receipt. Bluetooth thermal printers can be used in conjunction with an app called Express Thermal Print. This creates the best looking receipts possible.
  2. If you can’t use a thermal receipt printer….here are other great options:
    1. Use a Saranwarp or aluminum foil cutting blade to cut the top and bottom edges of your printed receipt to give it realistic looked receipt edges.
    2. Make your generated receipt look photocopied or scanned using the website
    3. Don’t submit the actual receipt….take a photo of the receipt. Then print or email this photo of the receipt. This allows you to not have to worry about the thickness or feel of printer paper.
    4. Treat your fake receipt like a real receipt. Fold it. Put it in your pocket or purse or wallet. Drop it on the ground. Spill a little coffee or Coke on it. Get creative!

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